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Sacred Heart School Celebration - Bev Ramker Memorial for Sunday, April 29!


alumni band


Congratulations! Battle of the Books Participants!

Coryssa, Gabrielle, Sophia, Noah, Olivia, Hunter, and Zoe placed 3rd out of 30 groups on the written part of the Battle of the Books event on Tuesday. The top 5 groups moved on to compete for the oral test. Great work, Mrs. Pleggenkuhle and your team of readers!

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Lenten Retreat

Change Our Hearts is the theme of this Lenten Season for students at Sacred Heart School. Throughout the season students participate in activities that foster changes in actions and decisions to become more giving and forgiving. Newman high school students from Mason City presented a morning retreat on Thursday, March 8, that included several group activities to help students better understand the Lenten season.

retreat full

Third grade through sixth grade students are pictured with Newman Catholic high school students and director Tammy Nettleton (center) on top.

retreat 1

L/R: Madeline Brumm, Olivia Wolfe, Newman HS student, Casey Hall.

retreat 2

Grace Clark, Noah Kisley, and Sophia Mayer are pictured with Newman Students, Ryan Julius and Jena Smith

retreat 4

Newman HS student, Gabby Dohmen with Hannah Koch.

100 Days of School!

100 days

First and Second grade students in Mrs. Wolfe's room celebrate 100 days of school by decorating caps with 100 items! They also participated in a pajama "read-in" day!


Jump For Heart Resultsjump

Mrs. Thompson reported a GRAND TOTAL of $932.25! The top money collectors were: Katie Hoppel: $110, Christopher & Andrew Schneider $125, Kaebre Sullivan $80, Ashlynn Brock $80, and Gabrielle Finberg $70. The students had a great time using their single, partner, long rope, and jump the shot- jump rope skills. They had a snack and took home a prize that day. The prizes from The American Heart Association should be arriving soon, along with our new banner to hang in the gym. Be proud of your “heart” work that will help save lives! Thank you to all of the parents for your help collecting donations for this great cause. A special thank you to my helpers: Gena Meinter and Linda Schneider. 18 students participated this year, GREAT JOB everyone, I am proud of you!
2nd grade total: $90.25
3rd grade total: $130
4th grade total: $314.50
5th grade total: $185.00
6th grade total: $212.50


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Sacred Heart Celebrates Catholic Schools Week


Catholic Schools Week

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Golden Apple Given to Mrs. Pleggenkuhl

Congratulations to 3rd - 4th grade teacher, Sandy Pleggenkuhl!
She was nominated to receive the Golden Apple Award by Lezlie Chisholm,
Mary Hanke, and Melissa Teichmeier.


Jan 23, 2012 - KIMT reporter, Beth Tuttle hands Mrs. Pleggenkuhl the award. Read the news clip HERE; watch the video clip HERE, select "Golden Apple Winner Jan. 24, 2012.

School Closing Announced

school sign

photo taken by David Namanny, Mitchell County Press News Editor

The Sacred Heart Board of Education voted at its meeting on January 18, 2012 to close Sacred Heart School at the conclusion of the 2011-2012 school year.

Providing quality Catholic Education for every young person is a responsibility that the Sacred Heart Board takes very seriously and is at the heart and soul of the decisions they must make. Each option considered in their decision-making process presented pros and cons which were weighed and considered. The final decision carried with it many emotions that are rooted in tradition and history of the parishes.

Read Entire Letter... HERE; Download and print letter.... HERE

Any individual who wishes to share their concerns should do in writing to the Sacred Heart School Board, Leslie Chisholm, chair, copied to the Archdiocesan Catholic School Board, 1229 Mt. Loretta, Dubuque, IA 52004-0479 or sent via email to All communication copied to the Archdiocesan Catholic School Board must arrive no later than 4 pm on Friday, January 27, 2012. No additional information will be allowed after this date. Please note that all letters will need to be signed.


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