Ringing in the New Year...

Sacred Heart first and second grade students get ready to ring in the new year!


The new spring semester has begun at Sacred Heart School. In the music dept., students will focus on the melody unit by performing on instruments. They will develop skills in note reading and writing, improvisation, composing, listening, analyzing, and describing music. Each student will use melody instruments that provide an active ‘hands on’ approach to music education. These include resonator bells, xylophones, glockenspiel, metalophone, hand chimes, boom whackers, and more.

Studies have shown that early musical training helps develop the left side of the brain that involves language and reasoning. Noah’s Ark Preschool and Sacred Heart Kindergarten students sing familiar songs in their classroom to link to new information for learning and retention. The repetition of music and rhyme helps to imprint information on these young minds.

Caroling, Caroling...


Sacred Heart students sing carols at area nursing homes, assisted living centers and the hospital on Thursday, December 22.


There is a Star in the East...


Stations of the Crib

crib scene

Sacred Heart 1st & 2nd grade students pose in costumes to depict the crib scene at the Nativity of our Lord. You are invited to attend the ‘Stations of the Crib’ on Wed. Dec 21 at 2:00 pm, in which you will hear of the trip of Mary & Joseph to Bethlehem along with stories of the angels, the emperor, shepherds, wise men, and animals.

Baby Pantry Items!


Sacred Heart 3rd & 4th grade students, teacher Sandy Pleggenkuhl, and student teacher, Mary Montgomery, gather around the wicker baby bassinette. The money collected from the Mission Carnival will be used to purchase needed items for this pantry. Over 600 people in North Iowa have been given baby items and children items through this wonderful pantry.

The Jesse Tree


Mrs. Kisley is pictured with 1st and 2nd Grade students in front of the Jesse Tree. Students are holding symbols that will be placed on the tree during Advent to show the ancestry of Jesus Christ.

"Christ Be Our Light" - Christmas Program

Sunday, December 4 - Preschool through Grade Six

preschool concert



Lighting the Second Candle

Garrett and Andrew are pictured here lighting the second candle on the Advent wreath. Students will gather in the hallway on Monday, December 5 to talk about the second week of Advent. What are you doing for Advent at home?

This week we will celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Thursday, December 8. MASS WILL BE AT 9:00 AM.

advent candles

Can Food Drive

Please bring in any canned goods, cereal, paper products or noodles for the Mitchell County Food Bank. Shopping carts are available on each level of the school during the remainder of November for you to place any item that your family would like to contribute. Students and families have already brought in two grocery carts FULL!




Mission Carnival

A long standing tradition at Sacred Heart School is the Mission Carnival. This event took place on Wednesday, November 23rd in the school gym. Students were asked to do extra jobs at home to earn change or dig into their piggy banks to contribute to a charity. As a reward for their donations students play games in the gym. This year the students turned in more than $160.00. WOW! This money will be used help the baby pantry at St. Joseph Church.

mission 1

mission 2

Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Students in grades 3 -6 are taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills this week. The purpose of these tests is to provide the school with information that can be used to improve instruction and to help teachers make educational decisions about each student's learning. The tests also allow schools to track individual student growth from year to year. Students are encouraged to keep routines the same during the week. It is important for students to do their best but it is also important not to put too much emphasis on the test that may cause unwanted stress. As always they are encouraged to start their day with a good breakfast and plenty of sleep.


Zoe Wynohrad, a fourth grade student at Sacred Heart School, is pictured here taking a special pre-test that will prepare her for the Iowa Basic Skills Tests.

Veteran's Day Program at Sacred Heart School

Mrs. Warner's kindergarten students hold cards to thank our veterans.




vets vets


First Grade and Second Grade Mail Call





veterans day

You are invited to come salute our flag "Old Glory" on Friday, November 11 at 1:50 pm in the school gym. Students will pay tribute to our flag as well as honor our local veterans. Pictured here (L-R) back row: Christopher Schneider-Army uniform, Garrett Meitner- Air Force uniform, Noah Kisley- Marine uniform, and front row: Lucas Weigle- Navy uniform.

We will miss you, Mrs. Ramker

Mrs. Ramker received the gift of music and she shared that gift with so many people thru band and piano lessons, music classes that she taught or contemporary choir at church. She won many battles since she was diagnosed with lung cancer almost three years ago. On Friday, November 4th Mrs. Ramker passed away surrounded by loved ones. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity bump into her. She will be
greatly missed in our school and our community. Please keep the Ramker family in your prayers.








All Saints at Sacred Heart School!

all saints

Tuesday, November 1 - 11:00 am Mass at Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart first graders dress up like saints on the Feast of All Saints, November 1st (L-R): Ava Waitek-St. Cecilia, Alex Schenker-St. Francis of Assisi, Marcus Cordes-St. Michael the Archangel, Kayli Carson-St. Joan of Arc, Lia Wagner-Mary Blessed Virgin, Anna Wynohrad-St. Theresa of Lisieux. Check back for more pictures of all the students.

st pat

Sacred Heart first grader, Drew Offen, dresses up at Saint Patrick.

What's on Your Plate?

Students in schools across the nation celebrated National School Lunch week October 9 – 15. At Sacred Heart School second grade students took a closer look at the MyPlate diagram that replaces the food pyramid. The plate is split into sections for fruit, grains, vegetables, and protein. Dairy products are shown in a smaller circle to the side. This diagram is a better way to show how important it is to get a balance of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.


lunch 2


Harvest Boutique - Oct. 8

boutique 2

boutique 3

boutique 1


Mrs. Thompson organized a Start Somewhere Walk for Sacred Heart School on Thursday, October 6th at noon. Sacred Heart had 43 students and 6 adults
participate in the Start Somewhere Walk. More than 291,000 Iowans voted with their feet in favor of the new Healthiest State Initiative. Walk organizers had set a goal of 250,000 Start Somewhere participants to best a walk world record currently claimed by Canada, which had 231,635 walk participants in 2007. Iowans beat the total even though the state has less than one-tenth the population of Canada!!


Band members chime in at Mass


Third Graders Discover Healthy Habits...

health fair

Thursday, September 8
Third grade students visited the CRC on the Mitchell Co. Fair Grounds to explore a number of ways to become healthier and make healthy choices for life.
Below - An arm cast is removed from the arm of Dave Steinberg from the radiology depart- ment. Hannah K looks on and displays her own cast!

health fair





      Jim C enjoys the warm sunny day as
      Jamie Sledd - physical therapist at
      Mitchell County Health Center demon-
      strates ways to keep your body strong.



Something New... the Food Pyramid is now the Food Plate!

food table

Lori Gross, dietician, tells Makaya and others about the importance of food groups. Each student placed food items from each group on their plate.

The best part was eating the food!

And there was SO MUCH MORE! Third graders traveled around the room every 15 min to a new center. What a healthy way to spend the day! It was all made possible through the Mitchell County Health Center and staff. Thanks so much!

Cally's Cause - Helping Others In Need - Sept 8

callys cause

Fifth and Sixth Grade students demonstrate how easy it is to collect and give travel size items to benefit Cally's Cause.

Drop off items in the designated boxes at Sacred Heart school and church.

If you would like to make a monetary donation or need further information, please contact: Andie Olson, 515 Chase St. Osage, IA or

National Grandparents Day, September 11


First Day for Preschool - Three Year Olds!

First Day for Preschool - Three Year Olds

preschool 3 year o

First Day for Preschool - Four Year Olds

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year o

preschool 4 year olds

Lunch Time...K-6











First Day of School!

grade 4

Third & fourth grade students with Mrs. Pleggenkuhl.

kndg back packs

Kindergarten back packs all in a row! Check back in the future for faces!!! This was a busy first day for this class!


First graders at snack time!

grade 2

Second graders hard at work!

computer 5 & 6

Fifth & Sixth graders in the computer lab / media room.


Back to School Blessing!

blessing pic

Pastor Fr. Jack McClure stands with physical education teacher Corrine Thompson and her children by the Sacred Heart School playground in Osage. A blessing ceremony was held in which families were asked to bring water from home and add to a large bowl. Fr. Jack blessed the water and three sixth grade students sprinkled water onto the playground and new equipment. Students, teachers, and families were also blessed with this water. Families and teachers were invited to take the remaining blessed water to use at home or in school.

playground pic

playground pic

playground pic

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Back to School with a New Playground!


Sisters play together on the new Bubble Climbing Wall at Sacred Heart School playground. Brooklyn will be in kindergarten and her sister Ashlynn will be in third grade.

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Back to School Conferences, August 18

conferences kindergarten

On Thursday, August 18, students and parents in Osage went back to school for conferences with classroom teachers. At Sacred Heart school students in grades K – 6 had the opportunity to check out their classrooms and new teachers. Pictured: The Schenker family with kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Warner (seated). Alex will begin first grade and his brother Peyton will begin kindergarten.

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Starting the Year with a Yeakbook!


Sacred Heart students will capture memories throughout the year in an all school yearbook. As part of a class project, fifth and sixth grade students in Mrs. Offen’s room will take pictures, record data, and upload information onto a website throughout the year. Parents and students in other grades will be able to personalize this yearbook, too. Pictured: Mrs. Offen and Cristian J. viewing a sample yearbook.

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Relay for Life - Saturday, July 16

relay for life

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